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Wright Bitcoin Address List ‘Lazy Copy-Paste’ say WizSec

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White hat hackers WizSec have analysed Craig Wright’s bitcoin address list, presented as evidence in court trial, and are highly skeptical.

Last week the the Florida court that is hearing the case of Ira Kleiman vs Craig Wright confirmed that Craig Wright must produce ‘A list of the public addresses of his bitcoin as of December 31, 2013’. Wright has now done so, but in the document released to the public, the BTC addresses themselves are blacked out. Curious members of the crypto community cannot therefore use it to check which addresses hold bitcoin that belong to Craig, who is being sued by the estate of Dave Kleiman for around $6 billion in crypto.

Except – perhaps we can.

Security firm WizSec  claim to have deduced what lies beneath the black blocks of redacted text by analysing the character length and investigating metadata in the PDF. WizSec writes:

‘Take the list of the first 70 block reward addresses (excluding the Genesis block) and they line up perfectly with Wright’s redacted list. We can even make educated guesses for the other redacted text by typing up candidate text in a word processor with matched formatting and checking whether it lines up with the original document.’

In other words WizSec believe that the bitcoin address list presented as evidence are ‘scraped’ from the blockchain. Wright appears to state that the bitcoins have been transferred to a blind trust, presumably meaning he does not have access to the private keys or specific addresses. In legal terms, his response is a little like stating you own a building that stands empty, without providing any documents to prove it. Essentially, he is doing something akin to giving the address of a house and assuming it will be ok so long as no one else provides proof of ownership (even though he doesn’t have a front door key himself). Or, as WizSec comments,

What Wright does provide appears to be just a lazy copy-paste from the blockchain, without any cryptographic signatures to support his claims of ownership. It beggars belief, to say the least, for the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin to act so ignorant about the fundamentals of his invention. Perhaps Wright thinks that being a bitcoin miner means pointing at bitcoins and yelling “Mine!”?


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