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Waves Lada giveaway not an April Fools joke

Waves Lada Giveaway

It started out as an April fools joke but now the Waves team has committed to a real Lada giveaway in an amusing take on crypto’s obsession with fast cars

There’s something about high-end cars that has always attracted the crypto crowd. ‘When Lambo’ is the perennial cry of the get-rich-quick crypto trader, and a number of successful crypto investors have made a point of buying the iconic Italian car. It’s not just Lamborghinis, though; recently Justin Sun of Tron ran a controversial competition on Twitter with a Tesla as the prize. The ‘live draw’ for the winner didn’t go quite right, with evidence that no fewer than 88 random numbers had been generated before the ‘winner’ was finally chosen.

With all this in mind, Waves – like so many other crypto organisations – ran an April Fool’s article promising the winner of a competition a Lada Niva. The ‘Lada Nivaway’ read:

‘To celebrate the beginning of April, let the LADA NIVAWAY begin! Enter to win a real LADA Niva! Retweet & reply why LADA Niva is the new Tesla. The lucky winner will be randomly chosen on 12 April, 2019! Good Luck! #waves $WAVES #wavesplatform

The Lada brand has inspired countless jokes due to cars that are perceived by the public as unreliable, unattractive, low-quality and occasionally dangerous – in contrast to the cutting-edge technology and sleek lines of the Lamborghini and Tesla.

‘Keeping it real’

Waves team has decided that the campaign should be more than an April Fool’s joke, however, and have now committed to giving away a real Lada Niva. Autocar’s review compares its shape to a Smeg fridge and acknowledges the benefits of a plastic interior that can be hosed down, while noting its limitations in the areas of speed, modernity, on-road performance and off-road capability. ‘The Niva has been given a selection of improvements, though to claim that it has been modernised would be overstating the case considerably.’ Despite that The Lada 4×4 still lives on in certain markets including the home market in Russia and Germany.

The latest tweet reads:

‘You thought our LADA Nivaway was an April Fool’s joke? Not at all! Waves is keeping it real!

Stay tuned for the giveaway – detailed rules to be published soon!

Entries will be accepted until 11 April 2019 8:59 PM (GMT)! You can’t miss it!’

Someone is going to be very lucky indeed.


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