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ThunderCore Debuts Main Net: 100x Faster Than Ethereum


ThunderCore, the Silicon Valley-based public blockchain provider today announced the launch of its main net. ThunderCore offers 100x faster confirmation times than Ethereum, whose code it will run with no modification, and 100x cheaper gas costs. The ThunderCore blockchain is integrated to accelerate payments on a fintech application by Liquidity Network.

ThunderCore has delivered on Founder and CEO Chris Wang’s vision to build the fastest-growing blockchain platform. It features platform-based developer services with user acquisition aids for developers of fintech, gaming, and enterprise applications. Existing dApps on Ethereum, EOS or NEM can be converted within minutes to run 100 times faster.

Chris Wang previously founded gaming company Playdom, which acquired over 100 million users and reported a Daily Average User (DAUs) count in excess of 20 million. He sold Playdom to Disney for $563 million. Now, ThunderCore has raised $50 million from investors in the U.S. and Asia. Chris Wang will deliver a presentation on blockchain and gaming at Consensus 2019 in New York City this week, where ThunderCore will also exhibit.

“Linking user acquisition with a high-performance blockchain is catching the attention of Dapp developers, who are now eager to leverage a growing user predisposed to trying new applications,” said Chris Wang, Founder and CEO of ThunderCore.

Wang is developing the ThunderCore project alongside Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Elaine Shi, an Associate Professor at Cornell University. Shi is widely credited with authoring the first academic paper on the application of blockchain to cryptocurrency. She commented,

“Our sophistication comes from the simplicity of our consensus model that allows us to deliver higher throughputs and enable new business models,”

The ThunderCore blockchain has already been integrated by Liquidity Network, which provides non-custodial payment hubs where users can make transactions off-chain without third-party intermediaries, allowing for complete ownership of funds. Liquidity Network’s latest payment hub, NOCUST, offers free, instant, and secure off-chain transfers and exchanges made possible by a network powered by ThunderCore’s blockchain. NOCUST can remain fully decentralised by relying on a consensus mechanism built on years of academic research that is easy to implement and scale.

“ThunderCore and Liquidity Network are both deeply rooted in academic research, aligning our culture to produce quantifiably the best blockchain solutions,” said Arthur Gervais, CEO of Liquidity Network.

Devised as a Proof of Stake (PoS) project, ThunderCore has announced the availability of full-node open-source code and committee-run nodes based on an open selection process that will deliver transparency while maintaining integrity and security of operations. Additional capabilities expected in the future are a Staking Pool Service, which allows token-holders to earn rewards, and support for cross-chain assets.

About ThunderCore

Developed by industry-leading experts, ThunderCore is its own blockchain platform with its own native cryptocurrency. It is Ethereum virtual machine compatible with throughputs of 1,200 plus transactions per second, sub-second confirmation times and low gas costs, making it quick and easy for decentralised apps to deploy and scale.


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