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Significant proof of Satoshi promised today

proof of satoshi

Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision backer Calvin Ayre stated he intended to provide long-awaited proof of Satoshi’s identity today.

Time is running out for BSV founders Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre, who are coming under increasing (and self-imposed) pressure to prove their claims that Craig is Satoshi.

On 15 May, Ayre tweeted: ‘I am hoping to have significant proof of #CraigisSatoshi out no later than Tue May 21.  Why wait for Craig’s libellous scammers in court to have all the fun right? :-)’

Today is 21 May, and so far, no compelling evidence has been put forward. At the time of writing, the latest tweet from Ayre on the subject reads: ‘will be a day or so late but nearly ready for some big news that  shows #CraigisSatoshi.’

Ayre’s tweets raise the important question: Why does it take Calvin Ayre to prove that Wright is Satoshi? Wright himself could do this, if he was Satoshi and so inclined to prove it. So far, Wright has steadfastly refused to offer the only evidence he would need to convince the community: a simple message signed with the private keys to one of the early Bitcoin blocks, ideally the Genesis block would be proof of Satoshi.

More cracks appearing

Meanwhile, an early bitcoin adopter has apparently proven that one of the addresses submitted by Wright in his ongoing court case with Ira Kleiman does not in fact belong to him. Last week, Bitcoin developer Jameson Lopp tweeted a message signed with the key to the address in question:

$ bitcoin-cli verifymessage 16cou7Ht6WjTzuFyDBnht9hmvXytg6XdVT G39S6i4XsfQnixN5ePMjVPboWvGXdnW8xFFAXiwEriZFCclflbD7umP58u3Sl+dvvXC5BxBrRNkTMNf92O1UIXw= “Address 16cou7Ht6WjTzuFyDBnht9hmvXytg6XdVT does not belong to Satoshi or to Craig Wright.

Craig is a liar and a fraud.”

The address is now empty, but has seen transactions totalling 160,000 BTC over the last 10 years. In December 2017, 45,000 BTC were moved from this address.

Speculation has been that the address actually belonged to Bitcoin Cash founder Roger Ver, who has previously and recently called Wright ‘a liar and a fraud’ – resulting in Wright suing him (amongst others). Ver’s reply can be seen here. It has also been suggested that the address in question was not in fact from the original list provided by Wright. It may have been copy>paste into a digital copy circulating online, perhaps to cause further controversy.


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