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Reality Gaming Group Launches Crypto Collectibles Trading Platform

crypto collectibles

Players of mobile AR combat game Reality Clash can now trade weapons with each other and earn RCC (Reality Clash Gold coins), on newly launched crypto collectibles trading platform.

Reality Gaming Group has launched its trading platform. The store enables players of mobile AR combat game Reality Clash to buy and sell limited-edition weapons between each other and earn RCC (Reality Clash Gold coins), which can be cashed in for fiat currency on crypto exchanges.

Technology is ushering in a new era of ‘crypto collectibles’ and downloadable content (DLC) in video games. Tradeable Reality Clash weapons are ERC 721 tokenised on the Blockchain with a proof of purchase (smart contract). Unlike traditional in-game DLC, which is ultimately owned and controlled by a game’s publisher, blockchain-enabled crypto collectibles can be traded directly between players, independent of the game itself.

The forces of supply and demand create inherent value in crypto collectibles – as the value of a limited-edition Reality Clash (www.realityclash.com) weapon increases, players are free to decide whether to cash in on their investment and keep any profit, use the item within a game or take it to their grave.

The first blockchain-enabled AR combat game

Reality Clash is an innovative AR first person combat game for mobile devices set in an underground world of cryptocurrency and hackers. Players are able to connect to friends in real-time using geo map technology, join private teams and enter competitive tournaments.

The game’s Armoury Store went live last year and since then players having bought more than 5,500 items, spending over 1 million RCC coins on weapons. In addition, Reality Gaming Group’s trading platform and crypto collectibles can work with other compatible blockchain-enabled games – in the future players will be able to port their items across or even loan and gift them to a friend, all of which presents significant new opportunities for in-game economies.

Crypto collectibles are going to change the face of in-game economies, so we’re thrilled to open the Reality Clash trading platform and Marketplace for business,” said Reality Gaming Group Co-Founder Morten Rongaard. “Blockchain technology puts players in full control of their hard-earned digital assets, allowing them to decide when and where to use or trade them. It also opens up a wealth of new revenue opportunities for developers and publishers, enabling them to create immersive game experiences with a fully transparent digital asset marketplace.”

Reality Clash has been highlighted by Blockchaingamer.biz as one of the 10 most anticipated blockchain games of 2019 and has recently launched in the UK, Europe and Asia on Apple and Google app stores.

New Reality Clash ammo will be launching every month, plus users can create their own – once user-generated weapons are approved by Reality Clash, players can sell them in the marketplace and earn themselves money. It is estimated that digital collectable card games (not blockchain-enabled) alone generated revenues of $1.5 billion in 2018, according to SuperData. However, the so-called ‘blockchain premium’ attached to crypto collectibles has seen that addressable market estimated at $950 billion.


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