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Reality Clash AR Combat Game Launches in UK and Europe

reality clash

Reality Clash, the world’s first AR combat game, launches 1 May to gamers in the UK and Western Europe, on iOS and Android.

Reality Clash is set in an underground world of cryptocurrencies and hackers. It integrates geo-location technology and the latest AR Kit and AR Core technology from Apple and Google – enabling players to compete in real-time FPS battles in unique virtual environments. 

The game offers features mobile gaming has never seen before, with players navigating a 3D map to defend key parts of their local area, mining at specific locations for resources, building or customising unique guns and, most importantly – defeating their friends in this ‘first of a kind’ mobile game.

You can watch the Reality Clash trailer here or listen to journalist and influencer Simon Miller explain the game here.

Reality Clash

Challenge friends or fight bots in your local city in full AR combat

Reality Clash has a number of different modes. Quick Battle enables anyone to challenge anyone else in different parts of the world, with the two players instantly beamed to the same virtual arena to duel it out on a virtual battlefield known as ‘The Sim’. Alternatively, they can navigate a 3D map to defend their city, hunt for resources, create unique guns and go into combat against friends.

The game is by the UK-based Reality Gaming Group whose Co-Founder Tony Pierce commented,

‘We’re thrilled to make Reality Clash available in the UK and Western Europe. Reality Clash offers gamers a whole new way to experience the FPS genre, with exciting geo-location and mining features and an AR interface that doesn’t require clunky add-ons or equipment. Let battle commerce!’

Reality Clash has been on the radar of the games business media for some time, with Blockchaingamer.biz highlighting it as one of the ‘Top 10 Most Anticipated Blockchain Games for 2019’. Outside Western Europe the game is also available in Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Russia and Brazil, with the US to follow. The game was funded in 2017 through the pre-sale of Reality Clash Coins (RCC) that can be used to buy in-game weapons.

Download the game from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

About Reality Gaming Group

The Reality Gaming Group is the developer and publisher of mobile and blockchain-enabled AR combat game Reality Clash. It is also the creator of a ground-breaking AR geo-location platform for mobile, which can be deployed across a huge range of content types. The Reality Gaming Group development team has more than 20 years’ experience across Mobile, PC, Console, AR and VR games platforms. For more information, visit: http://realitygaminggroup.com/


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