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Pro-blockchain US Election candidates accept crypto donations

bitcoin donations

At least two US election candidates will accept crypto donations. Andrew Yang and Eric Swalwell are bitcoin and blockchain-friendly 2020 hopefuls.

The 2020 US Election campaign will be a long, drawn-out, nasty, dirty, unpleasant affair. There will be one winner, many casualties, and the country – and likely world – as a whole will be the losers. It doesn’t matter what the final destination is: we know the journey is going to be rough.

And so it’s nice that there are just one or two rays of sunlight shining through the murky storm that is doubtless coming. At least two of the candidates, Andrew Yang and Eric Swalwell, are crypto advocates and will accept bitcoin and other crypto donations.

Eric Swalwell

California Democrat Eric Swalwell is very pro-blockchain, commenting that blockchain has the power to transform democracy as well as finance. ‘Blockchain can change the world if we let it. Our nation pioneered the Internet. We use smartphones all day every day to move money, to buy goods and services, to share our innermost thoughts, and participate in public life. So it’s pure cognitive dissonance to believe that we cannot extend this further into our democracy and our economy.’

Andrew Yang

Meanwhile, Democrat hopeful Andrew Yang has also come out as a strong fan of crypto, though has garnered controversy for his ‘Cash is king’ tweet – confusing and enraging some in the crypto community who thought he was singing off the same sheet as them. The entrepreneur wants to launch a Universal Basic Income policy that would see every American receive $1,000 a month: something he believes is a necessary solution to the wave of technological unemployment that is coming as AI and robotics develop.

No doubt there are and will be others who accept donations in crypto – simply as another way to collect funding – but these two have proven strong crypto and blockchain advocates.