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Platon Finance teams up with CoinPayments


Platon Finance, the membership-based crypto ecosystem, has announced its partnership with CoinPayments, an integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies. Through the partnership, PlatonCoin (PLTC) will be integrated into CoinPayments’ crypto payment processing platform.

CoinPayments is a popular payment processor for altcoins. It allows merchants to easily accept altcoins on retail sites via easy-to-use plugins, APIs and POS interfaces. The integration of PlatonCoin will ease adoption of the cryptocurrency across the whole Platon Finance ecosystem.

Platon Finance is a growing community of experts sharing ideas and experiences in finance and crypto, and a meeting point for novices to learn about the empowering world of cryptocurrencies. Through their joint efforts, Platon Finance and CoinPayments will continue to push forward mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing usability, trust, security, and adoption of blockchain technology.

Sean Mackay, Operations Lead of CoinPayments said ‘We’re really excited about our partnership with Platon Finance which aims to address four issues with the industry: usability, trust, security, and adoption of blockchain technology. CoinPayments values all four of these pillars, so we’re happy to provide support for PlatonCoin, and to working together to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.’

Adoption through trust

Platon is the first crypto platform to offer insured wallets, securing users’ assets up to €500,000. The insurance is provided by Lloyd’s Syndicate, a British insurance company. By using the latest Symantec technology, Platon provides the necessary security to adequately guard against cyber attacks. 

Daniel Tanner, CEO and Co-founder of Platon Finance commented, ‘People are starting to trust cryptocurrencies again, but it’s important that new projects provide the associated security required in the growing crypto environment. CoinPayments shares our same values, and our goal to create a crypto environment that not only focuses on trust and security, but it’s also user-friendly and simple to understand.’


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