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GotSatoshi website will not reveal anything new


A new website has caught the eye of the crypto world, promising the ‘live unveiling’ of Satoshi in 8 days time. After weeks of speculation courtesy of Craig Wright, John McAfee and others, the site, called GotSatoshi, is no doubt aiming to capitalise on the moment. It’s a one-page effort with an email sign-up and a countdown timer to the big reveal. 

Except, it won’t reveal Satoshi. Nothing will happen in 8 days.

There has always been keen speculation about the identity of Bitcoin’s creator. While John McAfee states that this is known by at least a dozen people in the tech space, the public at large are still very much in the dark. The crypto world would love to know who Satoshi really is – some out of curiosity, some (ironically) in the hope that he would provide leadership in a decentralised space, and some out of concern for what would happen if Satoshi’s million-odd BTC hit the open market.

Most likely the GotSatoshi website is a publicity stunt, aiming to collect email addresses, if not an outright hoax. There is no chance that it will unveil Bitcoin’s creator when the countdown hits zero.

As writer and entrepreneur Stewart Brand once told Steve Wozniak, ‘Information wants to be free’. It’s so easy to copy data and so easy to disseminate it in a hyper-connected world. Not to mention people themselves being sources of leaks. Information as valuable as the identity of Satoshi? Kept securely by someone willing to publicly out Satoshi on the web? Via a rudimentary one-page website?

More interesting developments in this area are occurring in Craig Wright’s various court cases, though these, too, are unlikely to provide Proof-of-Satoshi – only further proof of who is not Satoshi.

As far as the GotSatoshi website goes, the best that anyone who signs up for the ‘big event’ can hope to get is a slew of spam emails. Enjoy.


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