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GameCredits launch flagship videogame store

The store will use the well-established crypto as the exclusive currency of payment, targeting the world’s 2.6 billion gamers and a $100+ billion industry.

GameCredits is launching a new store for videogames, leveraging the advantages of cryptocurrency payments to their maximum.

The beta release of the store will offer over 3,000 PC titles, with constant stock updates made in real time. Critically, it will accept payment only in GAME – a crypto first launched in 2014, and designed specifically for use in the gaming industry.

Operated by the GameCredits team, the store will require no KYC – one of the many benefits of crypto payments.

Crypto has long been touted as a solution to many of the frictions and problems that plague the gaming industry. These include the high costs and delays of depositing money into in-game economies, and also withdrawing it. Crucially, it is also impossible to move funds between games – something that adds prohibitive costs for gamers, but that which a common currency can solve at a stroke. Given that an increasing number of gamers make a full-time living from their favourite titles, and may spend thousands of hours honing their skills, this is much-needed functionality that the legacy financial system cannot provide.

Cryptocurrency can also address the problems of deposit limits and blocked accounts, and the reality that payment processors in some jurisdictions simply won’t permit gamers to access certain services.

Gamers have always been at the forefront of crypto adoption, thanks in part to the GPU-mining culture, and partly because they have an intuitive grasp of the nature of digital tokens.

For more information, or to purchase popular titles for GAME, visit gamecredits.org.


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