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Court demands list of ‘Satoshi’ Bitcoin addresses

bitcoin addresses

Craig Wright has been ordered to provide a list where all his bitcoin holdings are kept, despite his claim that it would be unduly burdensome.

The Florida court that is currently hearing the case of Ira Kleiman vs Craig Wright has confirmed that Craig Wright must produce ‘A list of the public addresses of his bitcoin as of December 31, 2013’. Additionally, he must provide details of the ‘blind trust’ into which he claims to have transferred these coins.

The development is a blow to Wright, who previously filed a protective order on the grounds that producing this material would be an ‘undue burden’. The grounds for this order are roundly rejected as ‘not supported by facts’.

‘Although he makes the conclusory statement that it would be unduly burdensome to produce a list of his bitcoin holdings as of December 31, 2013, this conclusion is not supported by facts. In essence, he does not argue undue burden, he argues impossibility. The argument that Dr. Wright is incapable of providing an accurate listing of his current or historical bitcoin holdings was never presented in any of the prior hearings before this Court, when the Court was crafting the scope of discovery. Notably, the Bitcoin Holdings Motion does not refute the obvious response to this argument – get the information from the trustee of the blind trust.’

The existence of a list like this has been refuted by researchers who have analysed the blockchain for some of the addresses previously mentioned. The list would likely comprise up to 20,000 Bitcoin addresses. each holding coins mined by Satoshi. It would also include some larger addresses into which other addresses had been consolidated. As crypto analyst and commentator Tuur Demeester puts it, this is a ‘proof-of-clothes’ moment for the self-proclaimed emperor.

Blockchain researcher Sergio Damian Lerner has provided compelling evidence that a single entity (and computer) mined over a million bitcoins in the early years of the protocol. The majority of these have never been moved/spent.

The court documents specify that Wright has nine days to provide the required documentation about the blind trust and transfer of bitcoins into it.


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