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Brits Bad at Cryptocurrency, Good at Drinking Tea

bad at cryptocurrency

Thousands of years of history as an island in an increasingly global world has left Britain with a series of unique quirks, strengths and weaknesses – including our approach to bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption.

Things Brits are good at

  • Drinking tea. 60 billion cups a year, or 90 cups for every single person in the country. Only Ireland and Turkey have higher per capita consumption.
  • Apologising. On average around eight times a day. But you have to understand that the word ‘sorry’ doesn’t always mean sorry. Sometimes it’s just another form of verbal punctuation, like ‘um…’. And sometimes it means the exact opposite of sorry.
  • Sarcasm. But you might not always know we’re doing it. Because you’re so very intelligent and observant.
  • Chemsex. One to be proud of. We are the most likely nation to combine sex and drugs, with alcohol, cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy topping the list. And, presumably, tea.
  • Complaining. Typically this will begin with ‘I’m sorry but…’ followed by an understated and lightly sarcastic observation about the nature of the problem.

Things Brits are bad at

  • Being direct. Sarcasm is so much better than being direct, assuming the party on the receiving end is smart enough to recognise it. Which I’m sure you are.
  • Speaking other languages. We used to rule the world, so they speak English anyway. If not, we can just talk louder and gesticulate.
  • Leaving the EU. ‘Leave’, it turns out, can have meanings other than ‘leave’.  But our politicians are a competent bunch and have it all in hand (see ‘Sarcasm’, above).
  • Remembering we’re not an empire any more. Enough said
  • Cryptocurrency adoption. We are terrible at this. 70% of us don’t even know what crypto is. Around 3% of the population has ever bought any. Some us would like to be better at it, but our wonderful banking system knows we need looking after and protecting from ourselves. Thanks guys.

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