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Bitcoin price and long-term trendline


Hover over the chart to see bitcoin’s weekly closing price, 200-week moving average and our long-term baseline price prediction.

Bitcoin Bulletin’s Bitcoin Price Prediction Chart plots a curve, where forecast price is a function of the square root of the number of days since BTC first started trading (red line). This price growth reflects Bitcoin’s increasing network effect, and has precedent in the growth of Facebook’s share price and in the spread of viruses in nature. The line is intended to mark a baseline for sustainable, fair value, and does not take into account the effect of a strong bull market or bubble (when the green price line may rise an order of magnitude higher). We also show 200-week moving average (blue line) since this has historically coincided with price lows. Thanks to Michael Robinson for assistance.

Disclaimer: this chart is not intended to provide trading or investment advice.