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Are you a Bitcoin OG?

Bitcoin og test

Have you been around since the dawn of digital money? Or perhaps you didn’t swing by until it was above $10k? Take our Bitcoin OG test to see whether you qualify as a crypto Original Gangster (or Old Guard, if you prefer).

Answer the following questions, and total the points you get for each one. Did you ever…

  1. Exchange messages with Satoshi? (20)
  2. Sign up to bitcointalk in 2009? (10)
  3. Buy something with bitcoin – not necessarily a pizza – that would now be worth the equivalent of millions of dollars? (8)
  4. CPU-mine bitcoins? (7)
  5. Throw out a wallet that contained more than 1 BTC because you figured the contents were worthless? (5)
  6. Sell BTC in single figures, thinking you were getting a good deal? (4)
  7. Spend coins on the Silk Road? (3, but lose 3 points because drugs are bad)
  8. Enter into financial arrangements with Pirateat40? (3)
  9. Fall for one of Fontas’ P&Ds? (2)
  10. Get Goxxed? (1)


  • 50-60. You are so OG there’s a good chance you are actually Satoshi.
  • 30-49. Totally OG. Respect. Hope you still have some of those BTC left.
  • 20-39. Nice and early to the party. You definitely qualify as Original Gangster.
  • 10-19. Either an OG who has made some good choices, or a later gangster who didn’t.
  • 2-9. Not really Original Gangster. More like a later copy. Hopefully you didn’t do drugs.
  • 1. Not OG but still respectably early in the grand scheme of things. Also, DON’T KEEP COINS ON EXCHANGES.

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